About Me

I guess it all began with a bootleg copy of Photoshop. It ran off a CD-ROM, and I hid it inside a Magic Treehouse book like it was a dirty photo. It was really slow, but it was like learning magic.


The rest is filled with adventures in design, photography, video production and tech. I lead a few seminars to parents on social media; this lead to a gig at an FBI Summit, where I spoke to agents about how my generation was using the internet. This sparked my passion: I studied the relationship between technology and society at New York University, immersed in social media theory, media ethics and a history of communication. Meanwhile, I flexed my creative muscles with freelance work and became the voice of technology at NYU's largest student publication.


I discovered the world of social business as a junior at NYU. Suddenly the top companies in the world were ready to bring the power of social platforms into the office, and I had the opportunity  to combine my creative passions with my burgeoning degree. It clicked.


I now do creative strategy for a social business consulting firm, designing online homes for the best companies on Earth. We were recently named Jive Software's MVP Partner of the Year, and it's thrilling to be part of such a nimble team that is as passionate about using technology to connect people as I am.


Outside of work, I'm an adventurer. I'm always looking for a new place to visit, a new food to try, a new photo skill to master or a faster, better way to do something I already love.  You might call me a life hacker.


I live in Manhattan, or wherever there's WiFi.